My Future Goals

March 26, 2018

Thinking about the future can be quite daunting, but most of all it is exciting. For me, having been at university for three years now I have certainly developed my own character and pushed myself in each role, project and outside pursuit. Throughout each experience I have stayed grounded (even when things may not have gone to plan), patient and driven. It is really here that I have been a part of many projects with individuals that I have learn't alot from and have also grown to respect and admire in terms of their own working style and productive habits.


My Future Goals...


In thinking about my own goals, I have not only drawn from past experiences but also incorporated my main skill sets and how I will be using them in each prospective future role and opportunity. 


Some of my own professional goals include:


1. Continuing with my passion for social media and reading up on all progressions, trends and phases to aid me further in my own understanding of social media based roles (as I start to look for future media content producing roles).


2. Utilising my own professional contacts and being more present on social business sites such as 'Linkedin'.


3. Honing in on my own skills sets and thinking about where my own respective skill-sets lie and how I can incorporate all into each future venture.


4.  Finally keeping track of my main progress and gaining more professional security by being more proactive in finding social media, content producing roles and so forth.



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