My Journey as a Media Producer so far (+ key takeaways and tips)

March 31, 2018

"Only ever look back to see how far you've come"- Anonymous



Since starting as a media producer (as part of an internship) in January 2017, alot has changed and progressed for me. 

For example, I have not only learnt alot about myself but also my key interest, engagement and awareness with social media alongside audience analytics and engagement. Whilst always being interested in social media I didn't really envision becoming a media producer until I was actually in the moment when I was being briefed on my own role and what would be expected of me. Flash forward more than 12 months later and I am still with the small sports media management company (AuctusGrad) writing content for them, working on their social media pages (mainly Instagram) and interviewing plus engaging with respective clients. It's really here that my journey begins as I start to put all that I have learnt into practice in real time with each future opportunity that I begin to take advantage of.


Key takeaways

During my time as a media producer, some key takeaways I have taken from the role itself (and am still utilising) include:


1. Keep a 'goals orientated' journal to monitor your progress and to add new SMART goals along the way.

2. Always be optimistic and engaged in whatever task you are set.

3. Think about the bigger picture (and how what you are doing now will aid your future career prospects etc.)

4. Keep track of side projects/opportunities you may gain with present company and stay humble and grateful with each new opportunity or referral.

5. Wear your own smile as a 'mood boosting' accessory that you bring to each opportunity ever step of the way.

6. Finally embrace your own progress and be proud of your own achievements so far as you own journey is just beginning to take shape. 


"Opportunities don't come knocking very often"

Having been with AuctusGrad for some time now I have certainly dabbled in my fair share of roles and grown a consistent back bone with each activity, responsibility and even brief. It's really here that I have managed to utilise and harness my respective skills for other neighbouring partners, clients. Most recently having worked on a marketing campaign pitch for a mobile vegan caterer (Orangutan Foods), which involved me coming up with an action plan and working on mini sketch ups for social media posts (instagram). One of my main highlights however would have to be when I recently amassed the 50 mark, by writing 50 blog posts for AuctusGrad since January 2017. 


Blog Link: http://auctusgrad.com/blog/


It is certainly true what they say "opportunities don't come knocking very often" . This means that you have to be as proactive as possible, whilst really assessing and researching each respective role. Your own future is in your hands, this means that with each opportunity you have the final say. For me, opportunity means harnessing your skills to a more proficient and competitive level whilst also building on your own interpersonal and people skills in aiding and developing your own professional journey.



To conclude my advice, for anyone starting to look for new opportunities or even beginning their new journey within an internship based role (or even a full time graduate role/other) is to always keep an open mind. No matter how big or small each role is, it is very important you research role throughly and assess what you will be able to get from role and how it will aid your own professional journey. Be sure to put yourself first and really contemplate on the role you want to work towards and your overall goals for the future. The best way to do this is to conceptualise and construct your own 'plan of action'. 


Tip: Why not time stamp each possible future experience, whilst also listing what skills that make you qualifiable for the role already and what skills you are working on to ensure to work towards particular role progressively.


To conclude, balancing being a media producer (as part of an internship) and continuing with all my university work was certainly challenging. But as I am coming to the end of my university journey I am beginning to understand the importance of the particular opportunity and what it has shown me and taught me along the way. It is here that I have really began to professionally mature, adapt and even time management (to a more competitive level). Overall looking back, this experience so far has  been so vital in my own professional journey and has taught me so much that I am eternally grateful for as it has shaped my overall mindset and given me skills that I can take on to each of my future roles whilst also utilising my present skills too.



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