Making the showreel: A Process

April 18, 2018

A showreel can be defined as the following:

A short videotape containing examples of an actor's or director's work for showing to potential employers. (Showreel | Definition Of Showreel In English By Oxford Dictionaries 2018)


Before compiling my own showreel, I made sure to understand the theory and set up of one in terms of construction. This involved me viewing a variety of showreels, focusing on stylistics, content, branding and more. For me, the following links really aided my own showreel by providing me with inspiration and support in how to create an effective/highly professional showreel.


1. https://www.premiumbeat.com/blog/demo-reel-showreel-tips/

2. https://www.freelancevideocollective.com/6-top-tips-creating-awesome-showreel/

3. http://www.clearlycreative.space/building-your-brand/linkedin-showreel-profile/


Further advice:

- https://www.creativebloq.com/audiovisual/perfect-showreel-top-tips-9134570

- https://www.thestage.co.uk/opinion/2014/8-ways-to-make-a-better-showreel/


In terms of inspiration, I began to think about those showreels which I have seen before, and what each one represented. The following links showcase a variety of showreels focusing on design and graphic elements. Also although this is an area that I have not explored yet, I have still been inspired by the formulation of each showreel and the working styles adopted in each one (e.g colour scheme, montage, sound etc.)


Overall I believe my showreel includes some of my best work and makes clear all of those projects I have worked on whether that may have been independently or within a team.  Constructing my own showreel has also helped me to hone in on all the work I have done so far, in order to piece together highlights for some of the projects included. Whilst also keeping in mind the following: flow of narrative, continuity, font consistency, 'contact' tag and aspect ration (of whole video). To conclude, I have compiled a showreel that best represents me (in terms of what projects I have been apart of so far) and where I want to go. This is because I believe in being part of a variety of roles in order to test my own skills strengths and to build on my own weaknesses, giving me enough energy to challenge, lend and push myself to a variety of responsibilities and roles. 


My Showreel (final version)




 1. Showreel | Definition Of Showreel In English By Oxford Dictionaries (2018) available from <https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/showreel> [18 April 2018]


2. Vimeo/AshishPatel. (2018). Ashish Patel | Professional Film Production Showreel (2018). [Online Video]. 12 April 2018. Available from: https://vimeo.com/264308954. [Accessed: 18 April 2018].



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